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Anti-explosive weapon "Sword-toothed Tiger" Dodge Ram armored car officially installed Lianshan Public Security!
Edit:Guangzhou Huakai Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-10-16

On September 6th, Lianshan Public Security's public security prevention and control added a weapon - the newly acquired equipment "Sword Tooth Tiger" Dodge Ram armored vehicle officially appeared on the streets and began to carry out armed patrol missions. On the same day, this black "iron armored Veyron" appeared on the road as "excellent", and attracted people to stop watching. If you don't look at the "special police" on the body, it is clearly a sci-fi weapon in the wonderful blockbuster.

Lianshan Public Security "Jianzi Tiger" explosion-proof car small file

It is understood that this "Sword-toothed Tiger" riot-proof armored vehicle of Lianshan Public Security Equipment is a special explosion-proof vehicle of the Chinese police. It was modified from the Ford F550 and uses the V10 engine. The power is very large. The car is 6.7 meters long, 2.36 meters wide and 3 meters high. The body is designed with an overlapping bulletproof structure.

The car can accommodate 10 special police officers. The car is equipped with search lights, tear gas cannons, lifting lights, sound wave dispersers, electric winches and other devices, as well as a comprehensive infrared recording system;

The entire vehicle, including glass, can withstand the firing of various types of rifles, and multiple shooting holes in the body to ensure that the special police inside the car can effectively resist or attack the gangsters outside the car.

The vehicle is equipped with a 10-cylinder engine with a deadweight of 6.8 tons and a speed of 130 km/h. The fuel tank is equipped with a dual fuel tank to ensure a continuous capacity of 600 km.

The rear twin design and high-speed four-wheel drive are suitable for various road conditions. It is particularly worth mentioning that the tires are equipped with a broken tire relay to ensure that the tires can continue to drive for 80 kilometers while being shot and damaged.

The car body has a total of 5 doors, two on each side, one on the tail, and a patented door lock and hinge on the door to ensure high door strength.

The anti-riot vehicle is six-sided bulletproof, and the steel plate is protected by an overlapping imported bulletproof steel plate. The doors, windows and slits of the body are designed with overlapping or labyrinth-type bullet-proof structures, and the anti-ballistic performance of the gap is superior.

Strengthening the anti-terrorism struggle under the new situation, strengthening armed patrols and security precautions, and realizing the modernization of police equipment is an important guarantee for improving the overall combat effectiveness of public security organs.

▲Lianshan Public Security Equipment Car

The use of Lianshan public security equipment "Sword-toothed Tiger" riot-proof armored vehicles not only improved the level of public security special police equipment construction in the county, but also enhanced the overall combat effectiveness of the public security special police team, and will further enhance the Lianshan public security emergency department, public security prevention and control, disaster relief and disaster relief. Ability and level to effectively protect the security of the border town.

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