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[Focus] Panthers armored car sand field autumn point soldiers Heze public police swearing wonderful moment
Edit:Guangzhou Huakai Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-10-16

The super-extraction is full of strength, and the thunder is arrogant. On September 11, the city's public security organs held a commemorative mobilization meeting for the 19th National Congress of the 19th National Congress of the People in Peony Square. Sun Aijun, secretary of the municipal party committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, attended and spoke. The deputy mayor and the director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Gao Rongguo, presided over the meeting.

The strictness of the queue was coming, and the passwords were all shocking. The city's public security police and active duty officers and soldiers gathered 14 square teams and 40 special vehicles, which showed the high-spirited spirit and good appearance of the city's public security team.

The male wind hunting and hunting, the Heze police team is like a rainbow. A team of loyal guards, a group of Panther armored vehicles super-strong equipment, fully demonstrates the confidence of the city's public security organs to win the 19th security security.

Yu Dan’s heart is only dedicated, and the iron and bones are driven by the heart. The city's 5,500 public security policemen, armed police, and fire officers and soldiers made solemn commitments to the party and the people, and determined to implement the "four sentences, sixteen characters" general requirements, resolutely win the 19th security security and stability battle, and demonstrate the fighting spirit of the event. High morale, condensed into a powerful power to defend the 19th National Congress and defend the 19th National Congress, transforming the hard skills and practical skills of training into practical results of maintaining stability and guarding peace, fighting hard, fighting hard, and resolutely completing the party. Major political tasks handed over to the people.

The first battle will be won with me, and the actual combat will be highly effective. After the swearing-in mobilization meeting, armed training exercises were held, and various police departments quickly assembled, responded quickly, handled quickly, and coordinated operations. They comprehensively tested and improved the command and decision-making, rapid response, strength pull, and coordination of the public security organs' emergency work. The work ability and level of cooperation, equipment and communication support have comprehensively demonstrated the fruitful results of the police training in the city's public security organs and the ability to respond to emergencies. It has played a good role in deterring crimes and inspiring the masses.

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