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[Today's attention] Ten years, Qinzhou Raptor armored car special police with you!
Edit:Guangzhou Huakai Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-10-15

In the long river of history, for ten years as a bombardment command, on the journey of life, ten years seems to be a gap. However, ten years can witness the start and hard work of a team. Ten years, Qinzhou Raptor armored car special police with you!
On December 25, 2007, the special police detachment of the Qinzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau was established. Since the establishment of the team, the detachment has been working closely around the public security center under the leadership of the municipal party committee, the municipal government and the higher-level public security organs, with the team's formalization as the main line. Solidly carry out training, be brave in tackling difficulties, and severely crack down on various criminal activities.
In the past ten years, the Qinzhou Special Police has been with you all the way. In the sun and the moon, the space of focus, together with the main theme of building a harmonious society, go forward, this is a mysterious power, always obey the party's call, whether it is in the bustling streets, or in the tens of thousands of lights Silent harbor, everywhere with the special police team members, the blue sky propped up, this is a mighty division, always maintaining the dignity of the golden shield.
Where is the danger, where is our Qinzhou special police, guarding the era of peace, the call of the masses, is a brave special police team, shocked the arrogance of criminals, this is a civilized teacher, they are connected with the people, flesh and blood, The special police know the value of life, burning life to illuminate the world is the wish of the special police. When the motherland and the people need it, they are willing to spread the truth to the world, go to Sichuan to resist earthquakes, help the Xinjiang to maintain stability, arrest poisonous criminals, chase fugitives, and rescue hostages. There is always a figure of Qinzhou special police. This is a sword that is invincible. They use the blood-stained style to cast extraordinary, not afraid of the heat, not afraid of the cold, always standing on the front line of maintaining stability.
Going to Sichuan for earthquake relief, aiding Xinjiang, maintaining stability and chasing fugitives
Usually it is a window, the wartime is an iron fist, and the triumph of the triumphant triumphant resounds through the sky. The special police have the pride of the special police, the special police have the pride of the special police, the special police's mind is the persistence, the special police's style lies in dedication. No matter how many haze, no matter how many flaws, there is only one action, that is - bravely moving forward, there is only one direction, that is - loyalty for the people.
Daily training, police camp, open day exhibition, visits, condolences, participation in blood donation, talent, happiness, life
Since the establishment of the team, the special police detachment has won the first class, the third class, the third class, and the group's second prize. In 2008, it was rated as the advanced collective of the public security organs for earthquake relief in 2008, and the advanced collective of social stability in Qinzhou City in 2008. In 2008, the city's top ten Aimin's team, the 2009 advanced grassroots party organization, the Ministry of Public Security awarded the model for the maintenance of the model in 2010, and the city's public security guards in 2011, and was rated as the public security management performance in 2013. In the evaluation of advanced units, a number of advanced special police representatives such as the "National Military Cadre", the Devil Instructor Dai Zuoliang, the first-class hero Huang Hongchang, and the "Beauty Overlord Flower" Huang Jiaona emerged. With solid work, he has made due contributions to the creation of “Harmony Qinzhou and Pingzhou Qinzhou”.
2017 Qinzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, the representative of the British model propaganda group - Dai Zuoliang
All the way to the wind and all the way! In the past ten years, the special police of Qinzhou have cherished loyalty, self-improvement quality, and external image, and firmly stood on the front line of maintaining social security order stability!
Armored in the body, faith in the heart. For the peace of the motherland, for the laughter of the people; Qinzhou special police, write loyalty and justice with heart, use the carvings of love for the people, and honor the vows with youth and blood! Source: Qinzhou Police Fax

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