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The Maozihu armored vehicle suffered a serious failure, and the Ford F550 armored vehicle was favored by China.
Edit:Guangzhou Huakai Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-06

During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in China, the Beijing Special Police used an unknown number of Russian Tiger-style armored vehicles to perform the Olympic security mission. At that time, the Russian media proudly claimed that China would purchase a large number of armored vehicles equipped with special police, armed police and other mobile units. But the Russians are a little happy.

The picture shows the US Ford F550 armored car is a large pickup truck, using a 6.8-liter V10 engine called the beast level, the power is powerful, the appearance is very tall and mighty. After the Russian police tried the Russian Tiger-style armored vehicles, they felt that the military style was too strong and not suitable for urban police. Then the Guangzhou company in China tried the Ford F550 pickup truck to modify the saber-toothed tiger armored anti-riot vehicle for the domestic police. Now it has been tried a lot, and the friends are The squares of the cities, pedestrian streets and other crowded areas must have seen this big man.

Saber-toothed tiger armored anti-riot vehicle modified from Ford F550 large pickup truck, the whole body package can defend against 9mm pistol close-range shooting bulletproof steel plate and bulletproof glass, while the Russian tiger armored vehicle is more military equipment, the defense ability is much higher than the saber-toothed tiger armored vehicle, but in our city Over-the-counter riots appear to be overprotective and the weight of the car is too great.

The internal angle of the saber-toothed tiger armored anti-riot vehicle can be driven continuously for 600 kilometers and can carry 7 fully armed special policemen except the driver. Every time they see the saber-toothed armored vehicle in the pedestrian street, they feel very safe.

Yu Dan’s heart is only dedicated, and the iron and bones are driven by the heart. The city's 5,500 public security policemen, armed police, and fire officers and soldiers made solemn commitments to the party and the people, and determined to implement the "four sentences, sixteen characters" general requirements, resolutely win the 19th security security and stability battle, and demonstrate the fighting spirit of the event. High morale, condensed into a powerful power to defend the 19th National Congress and defend the 19th National Congress, transforming the hard skills and practical skills of training into practical results of maintaining stability and guarding peace, fighting hard, fighting hard, and resolutely completing the party. Major political tasks handed over to the people.

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