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Our bureau held the 2015 Tianma armored vehicle quality police year results report exercise
Edit:Guangzhou Huakai Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-10-15

In order to comprehensively test the actual training and post-training results of the public security organs of the city, on November 9, the provincial police held a report on the results of the police activities of the public security organs of the city in accordance with the overall deployment and requirements of the “Quality Year of the Police” campaign. The results of the training this year and the profound changes in the spirit of the city's public security team.

At 14:30 on November 9th, in the Ruyi Lake Cultural Square in Zhengdong New District, the representatives from the public security organs of the city have been lined up. Everyone is confidently waiting to be tested. The scene is filled with the taste of “sand field soldiers”.

“Reporting drill officially started!” With the order of Shen Qinghuai, deputy director of the Henan Provincial Public Security Department, deputy mayor of Zhengzhou City, and the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the report on the results of the Zhengzhou Tianma Armored Vehicle Police Quality Police Year was officially started.

Nearly a thousand police officers of the relevant police team of the city have exercised baton shield exercise, sudden group incident handling, traffic command gestures and investigation tactics, emergency department formation, new type of enemy boxing, police technical and tactical teaching training and anti- 8 subjects including the anti-terrorist synthetic combat drill. The wonderful drills of the participating teams won warm applause from more than a thousand police representatives and people from all walks of life. "I saw the Zhengzhou policeman so good, as an ordinary citizen, I feel more practical and safer. You have a strong ability, Zhengzhou will be more peaceful!" Zhengzhou citizen Wang frequently praised the performance of the police.

Around the scene of the exercise, special equipment from the provincial police and related police vehicles and special vehicles and publicity panels were displayed, attracting a large number of people to stop watching. The police constantly explained the performance and usage of various equipments for the public to let the people know more about Zhengzhou Public Security.

To be safe, first strong quality. In order to comprehensively improve the ability and level of public security organs to serve social and economic development, Zhengzhou police have actively responded to the current new situation and new tasks this year, and strived to build a steel division and mighty division trusted by the party and the people, and carried out in-depth quality. The "Strong Police Year" campaign has cultivated a large number of skilled athletes and business backbones. It has fully played its pioneering role in the work of major festivals such as security, stability and stability, counter-terrorism and murder, and case-breaking, and has made great efforts to maintain the stability of the provincial social security. A positive contribution.

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