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Tianma armored anti-riot vehicle
Tianma armored anti-riot vehicle

Tianma armored vehicle adopts Dongfeng off-road chassis. It is equipped with advanced six-cylinder Cummins five-diesel engine. It is powerful, reliable and durable. The speed is up to 125 km/h. The car's anti-ballistic performance can meet the GA668-2006 B-class bulletproof of the Ministry of Public Security. The requirement is an armored riot-proof vehicle that can be licensed nationwide in accordance with the requirements of the National Five Emissions.

The body shape is powerful and straightforward. The driver's vision is good, the blind spot is small, and the body is equipped with large-size bullet-proof glass on all sides. The vehicle has a wide field of vision. The car is equipped with 5 doors to ensure that the police can get on and off the vehicle quickly. There are 10 seats in the car, and the view is comfortable.

Performance parameter
Vehicle model: GDJ5095XFB

Chassis allow total mass (Kg): 9500
Front/rear rated axle load (kg): 4500/5000
Length (mm): 5990
Car width (mm): 2370
Car height (mm): 2780
Turning diameter (mm): 14000
Engine model: Dongfeng Cummins engine ISD285 50
Engine form: 6 cylinder high pressure common rail, supercharged air cooled diesel engine
Rated power (kw/rpm): 210/2500 (285 hp / 2500 rpm)
Torque (Nm/rpm): 1020/1400
Engine emissions: country V

Gearbox: 6-speed manual or 6-speed AMT
Drive form: 4×4
Speed ​​(Km/h): 125
Number of passengers: 10 people

Bulletproof level: six-sided B-level in line with the Ministry of Public Security GA668-2006 "General Technical Conditions for Police Anti-riot Vehicles"

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