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Saber-toothed tiger armored anti-riot vehicle
Saber-toothed tiger armored anti-riot vehicle

The saber-toothed tiger armored vehicle is a 9-ton armored vehicle modified from the United States imported Ford F550. The exterior adopts the exterior design of the new American armored vehicle. The body is made of imported bulletproof material and adopts the overlapping bulletproof structure design to ensure the protection performance of the car. The vehicle anti-elasticity can meet the requirements of the Ministry of Public Security GA668-2006 Class B bulletproof. The unique design of the five doors ensures that the team can get on and off the vehicle quickly. The V10 high-horsepower imported engine makes the vehicle powerful, and the speed of the car is 130km/h. The automatic transmission, disc brake combined with ABS and airbags make the car superior in performance, reliable in braking, safe and comfortable. The wheels are made of imported military large-size off-road bulletproof tires and two-piece aluminum alloy wheels, which makes the off-road performance superior. The chassis is equipped with two main fuel tanks, which makes the vehicle have a capacity of 600 kilometers. The vehicle is suitable for military, armed police, public security, border defense and other departments to carry out tasks such as anti-terrorism and stability, border patrols, and drug trafficking.

Performance parameter
Vehicle model: Shield A GDJ5091XFB (4x4)
Dimensions / length × width × height: 6460 × 2350 × 2950mm (including turret)
Engine: EFI gasoline engine 6.8L/V10 266KW
Total mass: 8626kg
Transmission: 5-speed automatic occupant + crew: 2+2+6 passenger speed: 130km/h
Brake system: ABS with front disc and rear disc;
Bulletproof level: six-sided B-level in line with the Ministry of Public Security GA668-2006 "General Technical Conditions for Police Anti-riot Vehicles"

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