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Tyrannosaurus armored anti-riot vehicle
Tyrannosaurus armored anti-riot vehicle

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The Tyrannosaurus armored vehicle is a 9-ton armored vehicle modified from the US Dodge Ram 5500 special chassis. The exterior design adopts the design concept of the internationally popular armored vehicle exterior. The fierce front face shape combined with the waistline swaying backwards makes the car not only domineering, but also moving in silence, like Tyrannosaurus is preparing to launch a Thunder attack. The four headlights with tears and the "V" daytime running lights further highlight the fierceness of the vehicle. The "Tyrannosaurus" body is made of imported bullet-proof materials and is designed with an overlapping bullet-proof structure to ensure the protective performance of the car. The car's anti-ballistic performance is in line with the Ministry of Public Security GA668-2006 Class B. The multi-functional combined semi-closed turret is more in line with the needs of anti-terrorism. The car is fitted with five doors to ensure that the team quickly gets on and off the vehicle. The double-locked door is designed to ensure reliable door locking when the vehicle is driving off-road. The imported engine of 365 V8 high horsepower makes the vehicle powerful, and the speed of the car is 130km/h. The automatic transmission, disc brake combined with ABS and airbags make the car superior in performance, reliable in braking, safe and comfortable. The 365mm wide imported military off-road bulletproof tires with two-piece aluminum alloy wheels make the car's off-road performance superior. The 200L fuel tank allows the car to have a capacity of 600 kilometers. The vehicle is suitable for military, armed police, public security, border defense and other departments to carry out tasks such as anti-terrorism and stability, border patrols, and drug trafficking.

Performance parameter
Vehicle model: Shield A GDJ5092XFB (4x4)
Dimensions / length × width × height: 6450 × 2430 × 3240mm (including turret)
Engine: EFI gasoline engine 6.4L/V8 268KW
Total mass: 8626kg
Gearbox: 6-speed automatic
Occupant + Carrier: 2+2+6 Speed: 130km/h
Brake system: ABS with front disc and rear disc;
Bulletproof level: six-sided B-level in line with the Ministry of Public Security GA668-2006 "General Technical Conditions for Police Anti-riot Vehicles"

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