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In the history of the Dodge Rams armored vehicles, rockets can not be worn, more than the Hummer is also anti-explosive, priced at 300,000 pounds
Edit:Guangzhou Huakai Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-06

Maybe you especially like the strong off-road ability of the Wrangler. Maybe you especially like the brave and resolute design of the Hummer. Maybe you especially like the body of Prado. If you combine these three, what changes do you think will happen? Today I will introduce you to a car that successfully combines the advantages of the three.

As a riot-proof armored vehicle, it must conform to the common attributes of wheeled armored vehicles, maintain the generalization, serialization, and standardization level of military-based vehicles, and must focus on the special needs of the armed police forces to carry out specific tasks against counter-terrorism. , weaponry, maneuverability, protective measures to the internal configuration, highlighting the distinct and unique personality characteristics, and different from the various public security departments of the public security service vehicles, forming a pattern of their respective duties, mutual support, complementary functions . The specific manifestations and advantages of these traits can be seen on the three types of domestic riot-proof armored vehicles currently equipped by the Armed Police Force.

This car is the Paramount Predator, known as the surface armored car, which was built by the South African Paramount Group. The Dodge Rams armored car has super armor and can defend against multiple fire attacks. Received a three-level bulletproof sign recognized by NATO (can defend against the destruction of submachine guns, grenades, anti-tank mines)

Paramount's predator is as high as 2.66 meters, and its ground clearance reaches an astonishing 420 millimeters. This height allows it to be ran over from the car. The power is equipped with a Cummins-powered six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine. This engine can make this big guy with 16 tons per hour reach 100 kilometers per hour.

As a sturdy car in the world, the Paramount Marauder rushed directly into the obstacles such as the wall, and the Paramount Predator after the collision had nothing but a little paint. Some people put the Paramount predators and the Hummer together, so that the two cars were simultaneously damaged by a roadside bomb. After the bomb exploded, the Hummer had already been unable to move, and the Paramount predators had hardly suffered much. In the case, go ahead.

The car not only performs well on land, but also has a particularly high wading capacity. With its tall body and ground clearance, the car's wading height reaches an astonishing 0.9 meters, and the car's famous saying is that there is no road in the world, the predator Come, there is a way!

Most of the Paramount predators are currently used in anti-terrorism operations. Their heavy armor can withstand the attacks of individual rockets, and their chassis can resist the attack of 7 pounds of TNT bombs. The predator's bulletproof tires are being 12.7. In the case of a mm rifle bullet breakdown, it is safe to drive for 50 kilometers. The car is currently priced at £300,000 (RMB 2.7 million). The purchase of the car also needs to prove that it is not a terrorist. For many people, money is a trivial matter, but the proof is difficult.

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