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A new generation of counter-terrorism weapon - "Sword-toothed Tiger" and "Black Panther" armored vehicle - reprinted from "Army Technology 2016/13"
Edit:Guangzhou Huakai Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-10-22

A new generation of anti-terrorism weapon - "Sword Tooth Tiger" and "Black Panther" armored vehicle

——2014 Interview with General Manager Guo Ziqi of Guangzhou Huakai Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd.

□ Our reporter Yi Ming

Terrorism is the public enemy of the Chinese nation. In recent years, the "Jiangsu independence" rioters have been arrogant, and there have been many attacks on civilians of all ethnic groups. The recent "3.01" violent terrorist crimes in Kunming have further demonstrated that China's anti-terrorism has a long way to go. In order to enhance the dynamic control and rapid response capability of the society, the public security department's ability to quickly deal with violent crimes is improved, and the lives and property of the people are safeguarded. The Ministry of Public Security requires local public security organs to carry out armed patrols and the normalization of mobilization, and put police forces on the streets to a large extent. Serious violent criminals who openly commit crimes and endanger public safety must take resolute and decisive measures in a timely manner. In order to adapt to the actual requirements of the new anti-terrorism work, at the 7th China International Police Equipment Expo, which opened in Beijing on May 20 this year, Guangzhou Huakai Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd. exhibited the "Sword-toothed Tiger" and the Panthers and Armored Vehicles . A new generation of armored vehicles developed to combat anti-terrorism operations and armed patrols in frontier and inland cities.


The blood relationship between "Sword-toothed Tiger", "Black Panther" armored vehicle and "Tiger" and "Leopard"

Our reporter (hereinafter referred to as “Remember”): The “Sword-toothed Tiger” and “Black Panther” armored vehicles exhibited at this exhibition of your company caused a sensation at the exhibition. They can introduce the two armored vehicles and the previous exhibition. What is the connection between "Tiger" and "Leopard"?

General Manager Guo Ziqi (hereinafter referred to as "Guo Zong"): Good!

Huakai Company is a company that adopts imported Ford car chassis to develop wheeled armored vehicles. The development level of armored vehicles of Ford chassis strives to keep pace with the world's advanced level. The company adheres to the product development model of “independent innovation and supplemented by reference”. In accordance with the principle of "production first generation, development first generation, pre-research one generation " , light armored vehicles have been developed, namely "Leopard" armored vehicles (Type I) and "Black Panther" armored vehicles (Type II), medium-sized armored vehicles that are "Tiger-style" armored vehicles. (I type) and "Sword-toothed Tiger" armored vehicles (Type II), "Black Panther" and "Sword-toothed Tiger" armored vehicles are each a new generation of products based on the previous generation of "Leopard" and "Tiger" armored vehicles. Types I and II use the same chassis platform, and 95% of the main assembly components of the chassis are versatile.


Different armored vehicles use different regions

Reporter: Can you talk about the background and objects of the development of these two armored vehicles: "Sword Tooth Tiger" and "Black Panther"?

Guo: Good!

The "Sword-toothed Tiger" and "Black Panther" armored vehicles are mainly used for armed patrols, on-site pursuits, and anti-drugs for the violent terrorist crimes committed in the border areas and inland cities in the past two years. The off-road capability of the "Sword-toothed Tiger" armored vehicles is mainly used for anti-terrorism and control of the border provinces of Xinjiang, Qinghai, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, etc., and only the light-armored vehicles with two-wheel drive capability - "Black Panther" armored vehicles are mainly used for armed patrols in inland cities. And quick bursts.


"Sword-toothed Tiger" heads

The two armored vehicles use imported chassis and have superior performance indicators.

Reporter: Can you tell us why the two armored vehicles, the "Sword-toothed Tiger" and the "Black Panther", use the imported chassis?

Guo: This is the case.

Because the armored vehicles that meet the requirements of anti-terrorism and riot control require the chassis to have strong engine power, large chassis carrying capacity and high speed, and the development of China's police wheeled armored vehicles started late, domestic vehicle manufacturers are still unable to provide. A mature chassis that meets the above requirements, and the "sentinel", "guardian", "bulldog", "sand cat", "wolf" and other armored vehicles produced in developed regions such as the United States and Israel are all commercial products produced by Ford of the United States. The chassis of the car has been modified. Like the armored vehicles in the world, the "Sword-toothed Tiger" and "Black Panther" armored vehicles are also selected from Ford's chassis. The unit power of these two armored vehicles is 50hp/t , and the speed is not full at full load. Below 130 km / h, both armored vehicles are equipped with an automatic transmission and a four-wheel disc brake with ABS , which not only makes the driving work low, but also has reliable braking performance.


Figure "Sword-toothed Tiger" driving on mountain roads, showing good mobility

Two armored vehicles have different tonnage levels and functional uses

Reporter: From the outside, your company’s “Jaw Tooth Tiger” and “Black Panther” are different in appearance. The size of the head is also large and small. Should the difference in tonnage be different?

Guo: It is true that the two armored vehicles are different in terms of wheelbase and total mass, so the appearance and the tonnage level of the whole vehicle are different. Because the "Black Panther" is a 5 -ton light armored vehicle, its appearance is more like a large Hummer Jeep. The wheel has a short wheelbase, small size and light weight. The vehicle is maneuverable and flexible, with high engine horsepower and superior acceleration performance. The speed of the car is mainly used for armed patrols and hunt in the city. The saber-toothed tiger is a 9 -ton medium-sized armored car. The wheelbase is long and bulky and uses large-size military off-road tires. It has large engine horsepower and off-road. The characteristics of superior performance are mainly used for armed patrols and arrests in the border areas. They can also participate in international peacekeeping and even install weapons to participate in low-intensity wars.


The bulletproof level of the two-car bulletproof armor is different.

Report: From the data of your company, the "Sword-toothed Tiger" and the "Black Panther" are different in terms of bulletproof indicators. The "Sword-toothed Tiger" is Grade B or Grade C , and the "Black Panther" is Grade A , then Grade A and Grade B. What is the difference between levels?

Mr. Guo: Armored vehicles are bulletproof, including bulletproof glass and bulletproof armor. In terms of bulletproof level, countries have different standards. Our police armored vehicles mainly use the national standard GB/T2597-2010 armored riot vehicle and the Ministry of Public Security standard GA668-2006 riot According to the general technical conditions of the car, the bulletproof protection level of the anti-riot vehicle (including the armored vehicle) is divided into A grade, B grade and C grade, which is step by step high. The A grade protection refers to the armored vehicle door and window glass and the car body at the shooting distance 10 The meter can effectively prevent the penetration of the 7.72 mm 51B pistol bullet of the 79 light submachine gun. The B grade refers to the penetration of the 7.62 mm type 56 ordinary bullet that should be effectively prevented from being fired by the 56 submachine gun at a distance of 15 meters. It means that the penetration of the Type 87 5.8mm ordinary bomb can be effectively prevented at a distance of 20 meters.


"Sword-toothed Tiger" side window with shooting hole close-up

"Sword-toothed Tiger" cab close-up

"Sword-toothed Tiger" rear door close-up

The body shape has typical bulletproof design features

Reporter: We have seen that the side of the car body of the two cars has a protruding rib in the middle, and the upper and lower parts are two inclined planes. What considerations are there in this design?

Guo: Mainly to improve the protective effect and reduce the invasive force of bullets or shell fragments. The raised ridgeline on the two sides of the body divides the side of the car body into two inclined planes with a certain angle, and the angled front windshield and the plurality of slopes formed by the engine compartment are used to improve the car. Body protection. Everyone understands that the bullet is perpendicular to the invasive force when incident on the surface of the steel plate. Therefore, when the bullet hits the surface of the inclined body, it not only greatly reduces the invasive force of the bullet, but also easily causes the phenomenon of jumping. The bullet hits the surface and may not continue to penetrate, but is bounced off, so the main purpose of the bevel or wedge design of the armored car body is to improve bulletproof protection.

For the armored car, the side of the car body is made into two inclined faces that form an angle relationship, which can be said to be the typical design style of the armored car shape protection.

In fact, in terms of armored vehicle protection, in addition to the bulletproof factor that should be provided in the shape of the car body, such as the engine into the style grille, tires, fuel tanks, etc., must meet the requirements of the whole car bulletproof, the Ministry of Public Security GA668-2006 standard There are strict regulations on these. Our two armored vehicles are designed according to these standards, and have been tested and tested to meet these standards.


"Black Panther" light armored vehicle

Engine compartment heat dissipation design

Reporter: The air intake and anti-ballistic performance of the engine compartment of the armored vehicle is a problem. How do you solve it?

Guo: Yes, the question you asked is very good. The engine compartment heat dissipation and bulletproof are a difficult problem for the development of armored vehicles. It is often said that “fish and bear's paw can't have both”, but for a successful armored car model, it must be very good. Solve this problem. After years of experience accumulation and repeated trials, Huakai has developed a “ Z- shaped” blind window structure for the heat dissipation of the engine compartment of the armored vehicle. This structure effectively solves the contradiction between heat dissipation and bulletproof, and can solve the ventilation and heat dissipation of the engine compartment. It can also prevent bullets from flying into the engine compartment and shoot through important parts such as water tanks. The design has been patented and has been applied to the "Sword Tooth Tiger" and "Black Panther" armored vehicles.


Military-grade off-road bulletproof tires and wheels

Reporter: We found that the "Sword Tooth Tiger" and "Black Panther" tires are off-road tires. Several bolts are installed on the wheels. What are the characteristics of the tires and wheels of these two cars compared with ordinary vehicle tires and wheels?

Mr. Guo: Both armored vehicles are equipped with large-sized military off-road tires. The main reason is that the car can adapt to a variety of road conditions. For example, without changing tires, the car can be driven directly on the snowy road in the north of winter. You see a few bolts on the wheel hub. This is because the two armored vehicles are equipped with military-grade two-piece aluminum alloy wheels. As we all know, in order to ensure that the vehicle can continue to drive and leave the scene after the bullet is shot, the speed is 100. Air leakage protection devices are installed in the tires of armored vehicles of more than one hour / hour, that is, high-strength support rings are installed on the rims, and ordinary wheels with support rings are equipped with special equipment and tools when disassembling the tires and support rings. The two-piece wheel can remove the tire and the support ring by removing the bolts on the hub. No special equipment and tools are needed. It is very simple to change the tire. The wheel hub of this structure has been widely used in foreign armored vehicles. Among the companies that have become armored vehicles, Huakai is the first company in China to adopt the wheel of this structure.


"black panther" side close-up

At the gap between the door and window, the overlap labyrinth bulletproof structure is adopted.

Reporter: When introducing the anti-elastic properties of the two cars, your company's materials mentioned the "overlapping labyrinth-type bulletproof structure design". How to understand this?

Mr. Guo: The window of the ordinary car and the joint between the door and the car body are very weak, especially the combination of the door and the car body. The gap is almost transparent. The window of the armored car, the combination of the door and the car body, It can't be designed directly, otherwise the bullet can easily be punched in from the gap. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a certain structural treatment on the slit so that the bullet cannot enter the vehicle body when entering the gap from any angle. On the "Sword-toothed Tiger" and "Black Panther" armored vehicles, we use the so-called "overlapping labyrinth design", that is, at the junction of the door edge and the car body, the joint between the door and the car body respectively forms a mutual engagement and overlap. The relationship is to ensure the bulletproof ability of the gap portion of the car body, and prevent the warhead from entering the interior of the car body from the seam.


"black panther" weaponry close-up

"Black Panther" interior space close-up

"Black Panther" rear door close-up

Spare tire installation design

Note: The spare tires of the "Sword Tooth Tiger" and "Black Panther" armored vehicles are installed at different positions. What is the reason?

Guo: As we all know, the tailgate of an armored vehicle is an important passage for the armored vehicle combatants. If the spare tire is installed on the tailgate, it will have certain effects on the tailgate, such as heavy doors and easy sagging. In order to solve this problem, the Saber-toothed Tiger uses the spare tire under the rear fuel tank, and the "black panther" spare tire is installed on the side of the tailgate.


Design of "Sword-toothed Tiger" double fuel tank

Reporter: Just now when you introduced the "Sword-toothed Tiger" armored vehicle, the "Sword-toothed Tiger" installed two fuel tanks. What is the reason? Does the "Black Panther" armored vehicle also have two fuel tanks?

Mr. Guo: As mentioned earlier, the main use area of ​​the "Sword-toothed Tiger" armored vehicle is the border area, and the "Sword-toothed Tiger" is equipped with a 6.8- liter engine. When the full-loaded team performs the task, the fuel consumption of the engine is 36 liters per 100 kilometers, and the "Sword-toothed Tiger" armored vehicle The original tank capacity of the chassis is only 150 liters, and the cruising range is only 400 kilometers. Everyone knows that the distribution density of the gas stations in the border areas is small. In order to make the "Sword-toothed Tiger" armored vehicles meet the requirements of the border areas, Huakai has passed the technical public relations. A 50- liter auxiliary fuel tank was installed on the chassis to make the car's endurance 550 kilometers. The "Black Panther" armored vehicles are mainly used for inland urban special police or armed police to carry out tasks such as riot control or armed patrols. The distribution of gas stations in urban areas is large, and the engine displacement of the "Black Panther" armored vehicles is 5.4 liters, 100 kilometers. With a fuel consumption of 30 liters, the car's single 150- liter fuel tank can meet the 500- kilometer requirement, so there is no need to add another fuel tank.


Vehicle equipment and equipment

Reporter: What are the differences and characteristics of the "Sword Tooth Tiger" and "Black Panther" in the vehicle equipment?

Mr. Guo: As a police vehicle to maintain stability and deal with emergencies, the "Sword-toothed Tiger" and "Black Panther" are basically the same on the vehicle equipment. They are equipped with infrared cameras, strong sound broadcasting equipment, search lighting, tear transmitters, Sound wave disperser. Due to the high load and protection level of the "Sword-toothed Tiger" armored vehicle, the "Sword-toothed Tiger" can also be equipped with weapons such as 12.7mm high-level machine guns, 14.5mm machine guns, automatic grenade launchers and automatic weapon stations according to actual needs.

In addition, the two armored vehicles are equipped with shooting holes and skylights on both sides of the car body and on the roof of the car. Through the openings, the members of the car can use various lengths of police guns to warn or shoot.


"Sword-toothed tiger" is expected to be exported

Reporter: Your company mentioned in the "Sword-toothed Tiger" armored vehicle information that the bullet-proof level of the car can withstand the M14 and M16 automatic rifle bullets. Does this mean that the "Sword-toothed Tiger" will be used for export?

Mr. Guo: Since the total weight and load of the "Sword-toothed Tiger" armored vehicle is larger than the "black panther", the protection level of the "Sword-toothed Tiger" armored vehicle can be higher. In addition to resisting the attack of the Chinese 95 automatic rifle, it can also defend against AK74 and M16. The automatic rifle bomb attack meets the requirements of the European B6 bulletproof level, so the "Sword-toothed Tiger" armored vehicle can also meet the requirements of foreign users for international peacekeeping or anti-terrorism missions.

Reporter: Thank you for accepting our interview!

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