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Brief introduction to the development of the wolf armored vehicle
Edit:Guangzhou Huakai Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-06

China Ordnance Industry Group has presented a fierce and complicated new situation based on the increasingly rampant terrorism at home and abroad and the anti-terrorism struggle. It closely combines the characteristics of the armed police force to take on the task of counter-terrorism, and exerts its unique technological advantages. It has successively launched WZ523 and WZ551. A series of riot-proof armored vehicles. These vehicles have not undergone major structural adjustments to the prototype, and continue to maintain the inherent dimensions of military wheeled armored vehicles, retaining the cab from the front to the rear, the power room, the battle room, and the passenger compartment. The basic layout, with a focus on the addition of a special set of special equipment. After repeated argumentation and military trials, the basic spectrum of the active riot-proof armored vehicles in China was quickly formed. Up to now, the riot-proof armored vehicles that have been officially equipped with the Armed Police Force have three models and nine varieties:

Using the 523 chassis, the WJ98-type terror-armored armored vehicle was divided into WJ98A-type command vehicle and WJ98B-type combat vehicle, which were then equipped in small batches to the armed police mobile unit, but the 903 military armored vehicle was not listed as the main combat vehicle in the army. The 6X6 unequal-wheelament riot-proof armored vehicles are also equipped with relatively few armed police units.

The WJ901 anti-riot vehicle, which was modified based on the WZ551A chassis, was officially named as the WJ03 riot-proof armored vehicle. The combat weight of the vehicle is 14.5-14.6 tons, with 3 crew members and 8 crew members, for different functional requirements. It is divided into 03A type command vehicle, 03B type combat vehicle, 03C type trouble-shooting vehicle and 03D-type engineering rescue vehicle. It can meet the needs of the armed police mobile unit to carry out various emergency counter-terrorism and stability tasks. It is the main force of the current anti-terrorism unit of the armed police force. Chariot.

On the military parade of the 60th anniversary of the National Day in 2009, the WJ08 riot-proof armored vehicle debuted and made a stunning appearance. The car is a new upgraded version of the WZ551 series chassis, with a total weight of 14.6 tons, and 3+8 passengers and crew. It is divided into three types: command vehicle, combat vehicle and engineering vehicle. It maintains the main advantages of WJ03 type in vehicle firepower, maneuverability and protection, and greatly improves the informationization degree of the whole vehicle, adds peripheral weaponry and equipment, and is more suitable for anti-terrorism combat environment under various complicated conditions. To reach the level of the world's advanced riot-proof armored vehicles, it has been prioritized to be equipped with elite anti-terrorist units such as the "Snow Leopard" commando of the armed police.

unique advantage

As a riot-proof armored vehicle, it must conform to the common attributes of wheeled armored vehicles, maintain the generalization, serialization, and standardization level of military-based vehicles, and must focus on the special needs of the armed police forces to carry out specific tasks against counter-terrorism. , weaponry, maneuverability, protective measures to the internal configuration, highlighting the distinct and unique personality characteristics, and different from the various public security departments of the public security service vehicles, forming a pattern of their respective duties, mutual support, complementary functions . The specific manifestations and advantages of these traits can be seen on the three types of domestic riot-proof armored vehicles currently equipped by the Armed Police Force.

Armament - to enhance applicability. The demand for the use of riot-proof armored vehicles has determined that its weapon system is very different from military combat vehicles. There is no need to excessively pursue the powerful damage to the battlefield targets such as open space, point, soft and hard, but it is necessary to focus on the "appropriate" and "enough" base points to ensure that both fatal and non-lethal two can be achieved. Different powers of weapon systems adapt to complex combat environments with different intensity, different nature and different strike effects. To this end, most of the main lethal killing firearms equipped on armored anti-riot vehicles use large-caliber machine guns. At present, the QJC-88 type 12.7 mm high-level dual-purpose machine gun is installed on the domestic three-type riot-proof armored vehicle. Compared with the 54-type 12.7 mm machine gun still in use on the Army tank and armored vehicles, the Type 88, 7 mm machine gun has no reduction in firepower and is common to ammunition, but in terms of weight, volume, controllability and sight of the gun body. A big improvement has been made. Its projectile has a high initial velocity, aiming at a low baseline, stable ballistics, good shooting accuracy, and a large projectile power. The tracer armor piercing can penetrate a 15 mm homogeneous steel plate at a distance of 500 meters. This kind of shooting power is used for the battlefield. The armor target to destroy the enemy is slightly weak, but it is enough to effectively kill the terrorists hiding in concrete buildings or cars and boats, without causing excessive additional damage. The WJ03 and 08 riot-proof armored vehicles are equipped with a 360-degree ring-mounted fully enclosed gun tower. The high and low shots range from -6 degrees to +85 degrees, ensuring that the shooter can observe the targets on the surrounding high-rise buildings under relative protection conditions. shooting. 60 rounds of 38mm tear gas or 540 round 12.7mm machine guns can be placed in the gun basket. There are 7 spherical shooting holes on the two sides of the car body and on the tailgate that match the periscope, which can meet the needs of the 95-type automatic rifle shooting from inside the car.

The non-lethal weapons installed on the upper part of the car body are mainly 38 mm 9-tube anti-riot launchers, which can fire non-lethal ammunition such as tear gas bombs and knocking bombs in a single or dense manner at a distance of 80-150 meters. The WJ08 is also equipped with a 64mm 6-tube automatic riot-proof grenade launcher, which can fire multi-embry riot bullets at a distance of 200-350 meters, forming a high-density, wide-range, low-killing fire control area in an instant. The 300-watt glare searchlight on the car not only provides long-distance illumination for the vehicle, but also direct-induced blinding, dizziness, and, if necessary, a shock and soft-killing weapon. In addition, the WJ03BG and WJ08 models are equipped with sound and light dispersers and anti-riot spray dispersers to make the vehicle-mounted system more diverse.

Chassis - highlights high mobility. Anti-riot armored vehicles not only have the same off-road capacity as military vehicles, but also emphasize the vehicle's high acceleration, high speed, large reserve stroke, small turning radius and stable operation. It can meet existing roads, bridges and culverts. Carrying and running on various grades of highway at high speed under the premise of carrying and not seriously damaging the road surface. This requires the selection of a high-powered engine and a structurally reliable transmission mobile device. The WJ03 and WJ08 riot-proof armored vehicles are 6X6 and other wheelbase chassis. Compared with the WJ98 type car with unequal wheelbase chassis, the vehicle's center of gravity is more balanced and the weight distribution is more reasonable. The power unit is a 320 hp BF8L413FC 8-cylinder direct-injection air-cooled supercharged diesel engine with high unit power. The fuel consumption is low; the transmission mechanism adopts the 5S-3CPA mechanical gearbox patented by ZF Company of Germany. There are 9 forward gears and 1 reverse gear. The shift range is large, and the engine power can be fully utilized to meet the high mobility requirements of the vehicle. . These two riot-proof armored vehicles adopt double cross-wall independent suspension, front and middle axle steering mechanisms, air-conditioning shock absorbers, and adjustable air pressure high-strength bullet-proof tires, with good passability and smooth running. 2.84 meters wide and all-wheel drive, making it easy to drive and turn around in narrow streets. WJ03 has a wading depth of 1 meter, a slope of 30 degrees, a vertical obstacle of 0.55 meters, a reserve of 800 kilometers, an average speed of 61.9 kilometers per hour and a speed of 88 kilometers per hour, while the WJ08 has an average speed of 85 kilometers per hour. Up to 110 kilometers, it has a greater speed advantage in rounding, intercepting, sealing and chasing operations.

Equipment - to improve targeting. In order to meet the requirements of the organization to implement anti-terrorism operations and patrol duty, the domestic anti-riot armored vehicles are equipped with a series of special equipments different from military vehicles, making them a multi-energy integrated combat platform in complex and changeable anti-terrorism In the sudden action, the characteristics are clear and terrifying at a long distance, and the effect is unique when it is put into use, and the shots are extraordinary, so that the violent elements can not be tempted by the horror, so that the people feel safe and practical.

From the outside, four police lights, two-cylinder speakers, and an electronic alarm loudspeaker on the white body of the riot-proof armored vehicle constitute the obvious sign that the car is mainly used for domestic stability. In response to mass violent crimes, the riot-proof armored vehicle lights flashed, the sirens rang, the tweeters warned to scream, and the policy propaganda and psychological offensives, together with the mighty momentum of the armored array, were more conducive to deterring crimes and diverting the crowd. To appease the masses. The front of the trouble-shooting car has a 2.5X0.5m obstacle shovel with a thrust of 50 kN, which can impact and remove the terrorists with vehicles, stones, metal guardrails, prefabricated components, etc. Easy roadblocks. The hydraulic rescue device is installed on the engineering rescue vehicle, which can undertake the work of removing obstacles, lifting heavy objects and replacing parts of the vehicle mechanical assembly.

From the inside, the ZJFL100F armored air-conditioning equipment installed on the WJ03 and 08-type cars can be said to be the highlight of the military vehicles. Its power is 1000 watts, and the officers and men of the armed police are fully armed to conduct patrols and set up posts. Air conditioning equipment provides a more comfortable and more durable environment when it is used for long periods of time in the car. The automatic fire extinguishing device consisting of two fixed 1211 fire extinguishing bottles and four flame susceptors can effectively prevent and quickly eliminate the arson effect of various types of burning equipment used by terrorists. The SMT-4801CCD compact camera equipped on the command car can form a video surveillance system, which can monitor and collect evidence in real time. In addition, the riot-proof armored vehicles are equipped with more advanced communication equipment. The combat vehicle is equipped with three radio stations, including a TK768C, a TK868G ultrashort wave radio and an XD-D12A short-wave FM adaptive radio station, and a The international car phone can build communication networks of different frequency bands and different standards in a timely and flexible manner. The WJ08 is also equipped with communication equipment with digital encryption communication transmission and satellite positioning function. The overall technical content and the level of “moving in the middle” are better than the active military wheeled armored vehicles. It is expected to be in the face of complicated anti-terrorism in the future. Play a more active assault role in action.

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