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Brief Introduction to the Development of Domestic Armored Anti-riot Vehicles
Edit:Guangzhou Huakai Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-06

Over the past 60 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China, the anti-terrorism and anti-riot situation faced by China has shown an obvious gradual strengthening trend, which has determined that the anti-terrorism weapons and equipment have experienced three developmental processes: direct use of military, transplantation for military use and independent research and development. Anti-riot armored vehicles are no exception. The three types of armored anti-riot vehicles currently used by the Armed Police Force are all born out of military wheeled armored vehicles. It is not difficult to find the same with military vehicles in terms of overall layout, factor configuration and equipment selection. Feature identification.

The development of Chinese military wheeled armored vehicles began in the early 1950s. Among the armored combat vehicles imported into the Soviet Union in the early days of China, there were only a few BA-64 military wheeled armored vehicles, but they were not equipped with combat troops. In the counter-insurgency battles in the Qinghai-Tibet area, our army used the transport vehicle to mount machine guns and welded steel plates to form a kind of "earth-made" wheeled vehicles, but at best it was only a matter of urgency and a temporary solution to the need of the moment. . It was not until 1970 that the then Armed Forces of the Armed Forces led the establishment of the "24 Battle Office", which marked the official determination of the R&D tasks and steps of the wheeled armored vehicles and the development of the generation of wheeled armored vehicles codenamed 522. However, due to the relatively weak technical foundation at the time, the development of the dominant idea was not uniform, and the development of the 522-wheeled armored vehicle was not progressing smoothly and was forced to dismount. In the scrapped yard of a certain equipment technology institute of the Armored Brigade, it is still possible to find the poor 522-like car that is so bitter and stubborn in the "forgotten corner." In the 1980s, China's military research and production departments and the military worked together to finally launch the WZ523 and WZ551 two 6X6 wheeled armored vehicles.

The public appearance of the WZ523 wheeled armored vehicle was on the military parade on the 35th anniversary of the National Day on October 1, 1983. Then, in the historical moment of the return of Hong Kong in July 1997 and the return of Macao in December 1999, people were also formed in the ranks of the troops stationed in Hong Kong and the troops stationed in Australia, and they saw the development of WZ523. 903 wheeled armored vehicle. WZ523 adopts 6X6 all-wheel drive chassis, unequal wheelbase, torsion bar independent suspension, hydraulic power steering, inter-wheel differential lock, planetary wheel reducer and bulletproof tire, with high mobility, passing force and driving. Smoothness and ease of handling. The car body is a fully enclosed load bearing welded with thin armor plates, and a 12.7 mm machine gun is mounted on the car. However, due to the influence and constraints of a series of subjective and objective factors, the technical content, development potential and modification redundancy of the vehicle are not very satisfactory, so the army forces failed. Listed as the main battle wheel type.

In contrast, the development prospects of the WZ551 wheeled armored vehicle series are more promising, and the space for retrofitting variants is broader, which soon constitutes a family of car owners. Among them, the ZSL92 wheeled infantry fighting vehicle equipped with 25mm cannon, the ZSL92 wheeled armored vehicle with 12.7mm machine gun, and the ZSL92B infantry fighting vehicle with full-cover turret 30mm cannon were nicknamed "92" by the officers and men. wheel". In the early 1990s, the "92 rounds" were officially installed in the queue of our army department. The first batch was equipped with a mechanized infantry division in the Jinan Military Region, which was titled "Iron Army", and then participated in the Sino-Russian Joint Army. Performed major training events. On this basis, the WZ551-based car has also introduced the HJ-9 anti-tank missile launch vehicle, the 100mm wheeled armored assault gun, the 120mm mortar, and the WZ551F, WZ551S and WMZ551 as military products. With its superior cost performance, it has won wide acclaim from different users at home and abroad.

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