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Ford F550 armored vehicle modification, the value of more than 1.6 million riot weapon "Jaw Tooth Tiger"
Edit:Guangzhou Huakai Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-06

In February of this year, the Hangzhou police publicly displayed the anti-riot weapon "Jaw Tooth Tiger."

The car was converted from the Ford F550 armored vehicle . Only a few cities in Lanzhou, Nantong, Hai'an and Yibin introduced this new armored vehicle worth more than 1.6 million yuan.

The Saber-toothed Tiger is 6.7 meters long, 2.36 meters wide and 3 meters high. The body is designed with an overlapping bullet-proof structure. The car is equipped with search lights, tear gas cannons, lifting lights, sound wave dispersers, electric winches and other devices, as well as a full-range infrared video recording system; the entire vehicle including glass can withstand the various types of rifle, and set in the body Multiple shooting holes ensure that the special police inside the car can effectively resist or attack the gangsters outside the car. .

The non-lethal weapons installed on the upper part of the car body are mainly 38 mm 9-tube anti-riot launchers, which can fire non-lethal ammunition such as tear gas bombs and knocking bombs in a single or dense manner at a distance of 80-150 meters. The WJ08 is also equipped with a 64mm 6-tube automatic riot-proof grenade launcher, which can fire multi-embry riot bullets at a distance of 200-350 meters, forming a high-density, wide-range, low-killing fire control area in an instant. The 300-watt glare searchlight on the car not only provides long-distance illumination for the vehicle, but also direct-induced blinding, dizziness, and, if necessary, a shock and soft-killing weapon. In addition, the WJ03BG and WJ08 models are equipped with sound and light dispersers and anti-riot spray dispersers to make the vehicle-mounted system more diverse.

As a riot-proof armored vehicle, it must conform to the common attributes of wheeled armored vehicles, maintain the generalization, serialization, and standardization level of military-based vehicles, and must focus on the special needs of the armed police forces to carry out specific tasks against counter-terrorism. , weaponry, maneuverability, protective measures to the internal configuration, highlighting the distinct and unique personality characteristics, and different from the various public security departments of the public security service vehicles, forming a pattern of their respective duties, mutual support, complementary functions . The specific manifestations and advantages of these traits can be seen on the three types of domestic riot-proof armored vehicles currently equipped by the Armed Police Force.

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