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Tyrannosaurus armored vehicles first stayed at the "Western Expo" to help on-site security work
Edit:Guangzhou Huakai Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-06

Sichuan Online News (Sichuan Online Reporter Jiao Jiao) On November 3, the 16th Western China International Fair opened in Chengdu New Exhibition Center. Yesterday, the reporter visited the site for security work. It is understood that, prior to this, the Provincial Public Security Department has held a video conference of the provincial public security organs, and specially arranged and deployed the security protection work of the West Expo.

At the scene, two domineering Tyrannosaurus armored bulletproof cars at the entrance of the new convention center first came into view. It is understood that the two Tyrannosaurus armored vehicles came from the high-tech branch of the Chengdu Public Security Bureau and appeared at the West Expo. They belonged to the C-class armored vehicles of the Ministry of Public Security. The cameras equipped with the vehicles can reach a height of 6 meters, enabling 360-degree shooting and real-time. Returned to the command center. The body is also equipped with 9 barrels, which can release tear gas and explosion-proof bombs, as well as emergency lighting, police reinforcement, and voice-activated dispersal. During the “Western Expo”, the first line will be on standby, mainly for emergency response.

In addition, in the hotel room where the guests stayed, the police conducted a full-scale inspection through handheld detectors and other equipment, and carried out a re-examination with police dogs to ensure the safety of guests. Around the venue, the police dog brigade also carried police dogs such as search dogs for security sniffing.

As a riot-proof armored vehicle, it must conform to the common attributes of wheeled armored vehicles, maintain the generalization, serialization, and standardization level of military-based vehicles, and must focus on the special needs of the armed police forces to carry out specific tasks against counter-terrorism. , weaponry, maneuverability, protective measures to the internal configuration, highlighting the distinct and unique personality characteristics, and different from the various public security departments of the public security service vehicles, forming a pattern of their respective duties, mutual support, complementary functions . The specific manifestations and advantages of these traits can be seen on the three types of domestic riot-proof armored vehicles currently equipped by the Armed Police Force.

However, due to the influence and constraints of a series of subjective and objective factors, the technical content, development potential and modification redundancy of the vehicle are not very satisfactory, so the army forces failed. Listed as the main battle wheel type.

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