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What are the main functions of the armed police anti-riot vehicles?
Edit:Guangzhou Huakai Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-11-06

In a modern society, cars are tools that are almost inseparable from all walks of life. Moreover, some vehicles have professional functions and play important functions and functions. The armed police anti-riot vehicle is such a professional-purpose car. When the armed police performs the task, this car is indispensable, and it has become a powerful assistant to perform the task. Let's take a look at what features this special-purpose car has!

First, protect personnel. In the process of carrying out the tasks of the armed police, ensuring safety is the first priority, and special measures are required to ensure the safety of personnel. Not only bulletproof vests, but also the armed police riot vehicles play an important role. In the face of the concentration of firepower by lawless elements, we can only guarantee safety in explosion-proof vehicles and wait until the right time to act. When working in the field, if there is no safe and concealed location, then the armed police anti-riot vehicle is a reliable protection. In the face of unscrupulous attacks, if you do not have the ability to fight back, then it is a safe measure in the car. The armed police anti-riot vehicle is made of special materials, which is very good in explosion-proof performance and can guarantee the safety of personnel to a large extent. For extended combat time, waiting for rescue has great significance.

Second, transport personnel and equipment. The basic function of the vehicle is transportation. For the armed police anti-riot vehicle, its performance in this aspect is also very important. The general armed police riot vehicle can carry about one ton of capacity, and can transport about ten people. At the same time, it can also undertake the transportation of various armed equipment and materials. The items and personnel have enough space in the car to provide a good guarantee for the task and various operations.

Ascending, lighting and other auxiliary functions. In the process of carrying out the task, sometimes some auxiliary tools are needed. There are climbing ladders on the armed police anti-riot vehicles, fire-fighting equipment, lighting equipment, and certain strategic materials can be stored, which provide a strong guarantee for the execution of tasks. It can be said that the armed police anti-riot vehicle is a multi-functional vehicle, which not only satisfies the basic use requirements of the vehicle, but also provides assistance to the armed police task, and is a powerful helper for performing the task.

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